Commitment to the Truth of God

cod01Pastor John MacArthur talking about Paul’s statement in Ephesians 6:14 to “Stand your ground putting on the belt of truth:”

“This whole thing of spiritual war starts with commitment…until you get a grip on eternal things; until you set your affections on the things above and not on the things of the earth; until you offer your body as a living sacrifice; until the purposes of God matter more to you than your own goals and ambitions; until the eternal glory is the compelling issue in your life and not worldly comfort; you’re not going to get the belt on and pull the loose ends of your life in and make a commitment to battle, that can turn out in victory. “ [1]

The truth that’s spoken of here is the commitment to what is right and true as revealed by God. The truth of right doctrine, Paul gets to a little later in verse 17 when he says, “take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” We must daily be committed to spiritual battle by standing firm with commitment to God’s truth.

  • We need to keep our hearts and minds set on eternal things.
  • We need to set our affections on things above and not on earthly things.
  • We need to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God.
  • We need to consider the purposes of God to be greater than our purposes.
  • We need to make the eternal glory of God the compelling issue and not worldly comfort.

Glory to God alone!



[1] Excerpt from Grace to You sermon “Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Strength, Part 4.